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Website Design Basics

Here is a short list of our top tips for a smoking website design -

1. It has to work -
Don't get carried away initially with how it looks. The most important consideration is, what do you want to achieve with the website, and how that will be achieved?

Too many people get caught in design and how it looks instead of focusing on functionality and making a site really easy to use and understand for users, while at the same time helping to achieve a valuable purpose or outcome for your business.

2. Looks are important -
Sometimes it can come across that looks are not important, but that is not entirely true either. Look and feel play a key part in encouraging visitors to the website to stay for a few moments instead of bouncing to the next website, and that should be built into your design from the outset.

3. Pole position or invisible -
It would be entirely counter-intuitive if someone explicitly wanted an invisible website, as basically a website is an interactive online brochure for your business. However, by ignoring the basic principles of search engine optimisation, this is often what you will get - invisibility.

As the popular online joke goes: "where is the best place to hide a dead body online?" and the answer "on the 2nd page of Google."

Of course, this is a joke, but it based on an inherent truth, and that is that most people only look to the first page of Google when carrying out an online search.

It quite naturally follows that if your business does not show up on the first page of Google when people search for the products and services that you sell, well then you run the risk of being invisible. Whether you purposefully chose the outcome or not.